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Printing Instructions for T-Shirt Transfers


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Printing Instructions for T-Shirt Transfers

Post by R1616 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:34 pm

HP Iron-On T-shirt transfers to apply creative designs to T-shirts and
other cotton fabrics. Simply print your design on the transfer paper,
then use a household iron to transfer the design to your fabric. Please
read all of the instructions before you start.

Getting startedBefore you begin, make sure you have the following (see Figure 1):
Figure 1: View of items needed
1 - White or light-colored T-shirt
2 - Household iron
3 - Ironing surface
4 - Cotton pillowcase
5 - Clock

  1. White
    or light-colored T-shirt or other fabric to apply the transfer to. The
    fabric should be thick, high quality, 100% cotton (or a cotton/polyester
    blend). These T-shirt transfers are for use with white or
    light-colored fabrics, for dark fabrics use HP iron-on transfers for
    color fabrics.

  2. Household iron.

  3. Ironing surface. Use a hard, smooth, heat-resistant surface (such as a
    Formica countertop, laminated pressboard desktop, or heat-safe
    tabletop). Do not use a standard ironing board.

    NOTE: Important: You will need to press hard when you are ironing the
    transfer. Keep the ironing surface at hip level or below so you can use
    your arms and upper body to apply enough pressure.

  4. Pillowcase to place between the ironing surface and the fabric you are
    transferring to. The pillowcase should be 100% cotton (or a
    cotton/polyester blend).

  5. Clock with a second hand.

  6. Bathroom scale.

  7. HP
    White/Light Colored Iron-On T-shirt transfers (C6049A, C6050A, C6065A)
    or HP Iron-On T-shirt transfers with Disney Characters (Q5523A).

Step 1: Create your design and flip it horizontally

  1. After creating a design, use your graphics program or printer software
    to flip the design horizontally so that your printer prints a mirror
    image of your original design. This step is especially important if
    your design includes text.

  2. Print your design on plain paper to make sure the image is flipped correctly (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: View of original image and flipped image

Step 2: Print your design on an HP Iron-On T-shirt transfer
Do not use HP Iron-On T-shirt transfers with laser printers or with the
HP Deskjet 1200C, 1600C, or Business Inkjet 3000 series printer. The
heating elements in these printers can melt the transfer paper, which
could damage the printer.

  1. Load the HP Iron-On T-shirt Transfers in your printer so the design will print on the side without the HP Logo.

    • If
      you have a front-loading printer (HP Deskjet Printer, HP Officejet Pro
      printer), load the transfer paper with the HP logo side facing up (see
      Figure 3).
      Figure 3: View of front load printer

    • If
      you have a top-loading printer (HP Officejet printer), load the
      transfer paper with the HP logo side facing back or down (away from you)
      (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: View of rear load printer


  • In your graphics program, go to the Printer Setup dialog box. Select
    either “HP Premium Inkjet Paper,” “Special Paper,” or “Iron-On Transfer”
    as the Paper type. Select the best print quality. You can view the
    Printer Setup dialog box in most graphics programs by choosing File,
    Print, and Properties.

  • Print your design on the transfer paper.

    NOTE: Important: After printing, check to make sure your design appears on
    the side of the transfer paper without the HP logo. If your design
    appears on the side with the HP logo, insert a new sheet of transfer
    paper in your printer and reprint your design on the correct side.

  • Step 3: Trim the transfer

    • Trim the transfer, if necessary (see Figure 5).
      Figure 5: View of trimming the transfer

    NOTE: Tip: The entire HP Iron-On T-shirt transfer, including the unprinted
    (white) areas, transfers to your fabric. Cut away any unprinted areas
    that you do not want to transfer. Leave approximately 1/4 of an inch
    around the edge of your image. Do not cut into the printed image.

    Before you iron, read this sectionThere are three elements required for a successful transfer: heat, pressure, and time (see Figure 6).
    Figure 6: You need heat, pressure, and time

    1. Your iron must be as hot as possible. After you pre-heat your iron using the highest setting, do not reduce the temperature.

    2. You must press hard while you are ironing. To see how hard you need to
      press, place your bathroom scale on the ironing surface. Place both
      hands, one over the other, on the scale. Press down to generate 23
      kilograms (50 pounds) of pressure. Use this same amount of pressure
      while you are ironing. Most people can achieve the required pressure by
      lowering the ironing surface and using their upper body for leverage.

    3. You must iron for the full recommended time. Make sure to iron the
      entire transfer evenly, paying special attention to the edges.

      NOTE: Important: If you do not use enough heat, pressure, and time, your transfer may crack or peel off the fabric.

    Step 4: Prepare the iron, ironing surface, and fabricBe
    sure to follow the instructions carefully to obtain the best results.
    First time users may want to practice on an old garment.

    1. Preheat your iron on the hottest setting (cotton or linen) for five
      minutes or until the iron reaches its maximum temperature. Do not use

    2. Place the pillowcase on the ironing surface, and iron it to remove any
      wrinkles. Make sure the pillowcase and ironing surface are completely

    3. Place the T-shirt or other fabric you are transferring to on the center of the pillowcase.

    4. Iron the T-shirt or fabric to remove any wrinkles. After the fabric is
      smooth, iron it for one additional minute to remove any moisture. The
      fabric must be completely smooth and dry to receive the transfer.

    5. Place the HP Iron-On T-shirt transfer on the warm fabric, design side
      down and HP logo side up. Position the transfer paper so that your
      design is exactly where you want it.

      NOTE: Important: Make sure the HP logo side of the transfer paper faces up.
      The HP logo side of the paper is the only side that should come in
      contact with the iron. Do not iron on the side of the transfer paper
      without the HP logo, as the transfer will stick to the iron.

    Step 5: Iron the transfer

    • Use
      both hands and press hard--enough to generate 23 kilograms (50 pounds)
      of pressure. Keep your arms straight and use your upper body for
      leverage. Starting in one corner of the transfer paper, iron complete
      circles around the outer edge of the paper, making sure the iron
      completely overlaps the edges and corners. Keep the iron moving in large
      circles as you work your way toward the center of the transfer. Follow
      the recommended ironing method for your transfer size (below). Iron for
      the full recommended time.

    Transfer sizeIroning timeRecommended ironing method
    3 minutes
    1 minute around the outer edge, 1 minute around the center, 1 more minute around the outer edge
    2 minutes
    1 minute around the outer edge, 1 minute around the center
    1 minute
    1 minute around the entire transfer

    Step 6: Remove the paper backing

    1. Allow the transfer to cool completely before removing the paper
      backing. Remove the fabric from the hot ironing surface to cool the
      transfer faster.

    2. Use your fingernail or a flat blade, such as a butter knife, to gently
      pick one corner of the transfer paper away from the fabric.

    3. Hold the fabric down with one hand and gently peel the transfer paper
      away from the fabric. If the paper starts to tear, stop and try pulling
      from the opposite corner.

    Washing your fabricTo keep your transfer looking great, follow these instructions:

    • Turn the fabric inside out before washing.

    • Machine wash in cold water. Use detergent without bleach, if desired.

    • Remove the fabric from the washer and dry immediately. Leaving the wet fabric in the washer may cause the image to bleed.

    • Machine dry using a normal dryer setting.

    Handling the transfer paper

    • Store the transfer paper in the original package.

    • Handle the transfer paper by the edges.

    • Do not write on either side of the transfer paper with ink.

    Source: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=bpa00482&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&os=13&product=59862

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